In order for the world’s hidden power-elite to further centralize control, they will need a new global problem. A bigger “enemy” to be able to set up one of their long planned main goals for the world, a world government. Whose sole purpose is to control and dictate the world of humanity from a central point.
What could justify the creation of a one world government better, than the reality of Earth being attacked by a threat from outer space?
We are approaching “the last card…”

November 7, 2022


In the same way that the population denied a comet that was on the way to earth in the movie “Don’t Look Up”, we see today a denial of crimes against humanity and adverse effects of the vaccine.

This short video goes to all the people who have been tragically injured
or have died as a result of the vaccine. These people deserve justice and not censorship.
This is only a very small percentage in comparison with everyone who has had to face the consequences…

March 8, 2022


What is the driving force that wants to create the dystopian future for humanity? Why is the world the way it is? Why is there so much suffering?

According to witnesses and people on the inside who are under secrecy, the world is ruled by an alien race that takes the form of a reptile. According to them, there is a manipulation of humanity that stretches back thousands of years that still exists today.
Witnesses claim that these reptilians can hide behind human form and that they occupy the key positions of power in society…

February 15, 2022


The Pandemic Hoax and Agenda 21 – David Icke with Doctors.

A summary of the deceptive pandemic used in favor of the power elite to centralize power and control with the excuse that it is for the health and safety of the population.

July 27, 2021

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